Spring Classes for Ages 8-12

This is a 12 week program starting the week of March 27th 2023. 

Mixed Media: In mixed media class, students will make a variety of different AMAZING projects! Mixed media is perfect for makers who love to try and explore different mediums and play with mixed drawing, painting, and sculpting!

Photography: This spring we will be travelling around the east end of Toronto to capture the beautiful changes through Spring into Summer! From sunsets, architecture, blossoming foliage, birds, and nature trails, there is so much to explore in our east end.

Drawing: In drawing class we will be exploring different techniques through colour, shading, line work, dimension and much more! Drawing is all about exploring the possibilities and finding your style! This class is awesome for those makers who just LOVE to draw!

Sculpture: In this class, makers will be creating amazing works of art using different sculpting mediums. From polymer-based clay, to air- dry clay, paper mache, and so much more! This class is great for our makers who love to build and sculpt!

Painting: In painting we will be using colour, texture, and tools to create amazing works of art! This class is perfect for makers who love to get messy and explore the possibilities of colour and texture!

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