BEST Drawing Markers 

Fine Point Drawing Pens

Fine Tip Drawing Pen Set

Oil Pastels

Pentel Oil Pastels 

Watercolour Paper (great for drawing as well)

Canson Watercolour Paper

Paint Brushes

24 Brush Set

Watercolour Pencils

High Quality Watercolour Pencils : Castle Art

Great Value Starter Set : Pentel Art 

Watercolour Pens

Watercolour Paint (the ones we have at the studio)

Sargent Watercolours

These watercolours are amazing – they are a liquid paint and will last you a very long time! We repurchase them every year (they last us a full year)!

Liquid Watercolour Paint

Paint Pens

Artistro Pens

Great for fine details on paintings, or painting rocks, canvases, or any fabric materials!

Photography Tools

Basic Tripod for Beginners

Crystal Clear Ball Dome

ND Lens Filters

SD Card

Basic DSLR Recommendation – Canon

Basic DSLR Recommendation – Nikon

Basic Mirrorless Camera Recommendation – Canon

Marker Bin/Organization

ArtBin Marker Organizer